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A monument to the Great Tangshan Earthquake survivors Complex

Date: 2013-06-24

Bohai News zhuangao (Reporter Xu Zhe) filed with the Tangshan earthquake-related monuments, many people only know Tangshan is located in the city of Tangshan Earthquake Monument, Xinhua Road, not knowing that in addition to the monument, there are located in Guye District, Peel stores, Fengnan District, Douhe power plants, Lutai District, Hangu District and Tianjin seven monuments.

This year's "7.28" on the eve of the city's 54-year-old witness edge grain Tangshan earthquake, Riding Alone paid respects and implements the Tangshan earthquake of 8 on the monument desire.

Edge crystal is a native of Tangshan, the city of Hebei Energy Vocational and Technical College Teachers, 1976 Tangshan earthquake he was 17 years old.37 years ago, the earthquake caused an instant 240,000 people dead and 160,000 people injured, more than 4,000 households juehu, more than 3,000 children orphaned century industrial city of Tangshan, which suffered heavy losses.Edge crystal grandmother in the disaster, due to drinking dirty water, suffering from poisoning, dysentery and died.Tangshan earthquake to the people of the enormous disaster, my mind is always crystal edges can not erase the grief of memory, while the people of Tangshan earthquake demonstrated by the indomitable indomitable spirit, and has penetrated the bone marrow, a spur of the moment his life on the road beforeline power.He often went to the Tangshan earthquake ruins park, stood before the memorial wall, facing engraved their names on the victims, he felt he wanted a force that drives the spirit of the Tangshan earthquake passed along, let the people know more about the past, cherish today.

Edge crystal hobby cycling, often for long distance cycling excursion.In this environmentally friendly and healthy movement, while crystals to indulge release is a physical and mental way of life.About two years ago, while grain from the Internet stumbled upon some of the Tangshan earthquake-related information on the monument, after a thorough search, and gradually to 8 Earthquake Monument the specific location of the relevant circumstances finishing clear that in this period, he sprouted outthe desire to go see in person.In February this year, while grain embarked on a bike pay homage Earthquake Monument Road.Since then, he paid respects each use of holidays in Tangshan City, Fengnan District, Lutai District, humble store, Guye District, Douhe power plants, Hangu District and Tianjin 8 Earthquake Monument.Everywhere monument along the route he will be a detailed record, and for each monument left image data back after he wrote the log.

"As people who have experienced a major earthquake has the responsibility, obligation to future generations to understand the historical, unyielding spirit of the people of Tangshan earthquake valuable asset." In his journal, the reporter saw this text."Tangshan Earthquake spirit spur me to stick with it." March 9, he plans to use the time to pay homage to one day Lutai, Hangu two Earthquake Monument, did not expect to rush in from lutai Hangu road, blustery, simply can not forward, ride 15 kilometers from Hangu, he had to return back 53 km road, he was almost pushed the car back to Tangshan, the way car carrying the man knocked down several times by strong winds, and even blew the roadsidethe gutter.

In pay homage on the way, while grain encountered many difficulties initially did not think, are unknown to defuse the help of good people, these experiences that he touched.Peel the store looking for a fertilizer plant Earthquake Monument on the way, because this fertilizer plant has long been discontinued, in his vicinity uphill downhill round a few times, I could not find the location of monuments, had recourse to the local villagers, the villagers learned that good intentionsHe had come, deeply moved, and immediately put down the living to help him lead the way.July 6, hot weather, the temperature reached 32 degrees, relative humidity 80%.He cycling over 130 kilometers, to pay homage to Tianjin Tianjin Earthquake Monument, July 7 to return.In the Tianjin area, many people learned that he was riding alone came from the Tangshan earthquake survivors, but also deeply moved, have asked the construction of the new Tangshan, passion encourage him to continue to carry forward the spirit of the Tangshan earthquake.

Touched, pleased with, inspire, while crystal lasted five months of paid homage trip came to an end, leaving him a lot of unforgettable experience.Edge Crystal said: "Along the way, I saw people on the Tangshan earthquake of nostalgia, I was a big earthquake survivors, have an obligation to tell the history of young people and let them know that the earthquake caused huge disastersseismic and earthquake does not collapse the spirit. "Of course, of which there are so crystal regrettable side, eight monuments, there are seven well-preserved, but only the humble store tall disrepair, the surrounding environment is also very desolate.The Earthquake Monument is the original troops stationed in British stores a fertilizer plant to commemorate the earthquake victims construction workers and their families.He finally found and, behold, a monument in the courtyard, the walls are not high, partially collapsed, there are forces fertilizer plant earthquake victims dozens of graves, Earthquake Monument says "victims immortal," to commemorate the earthquakedeath cadres and workers and their families, inscriptions, near overgrown with weeds, very desolate.As witnesses of the earthquake, he hoped and calls for the authorities or non-profit organizations to protect the monument restoration.

Had witnessed the pain and loss because so cherish happiness and owned.Edge Crystal convinced: "The earthquake could destroy a city, but it reinforces the living will and survival value as survivors, leaving not only lives, more important is the burden and mission."

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Tangshan Earthquake Monument, located in Tangshan City, Xinhua Road, Tangshan Earthquake Monument Square.

Peel store a fertilizer plant Earthquake Monument, at 205 State Road, north of the traffic police four brigade Alex village 2 kilometers north.

Guye Earthquake Monument, located in the town of Guye to hazelnut road crossing West North Temple 1 km.1985 by the then government to build the East Mine.

Steep Electric Earthquake Monument in Kaiping District Village North Chestnut Township Buddha, located in Tangshan side of the road leading to steep electricity, about 1 km away from the highway.Here burial year in the Tangshan earthquake victims Douhe power plant builders, monuments Douhe power plant by the year's headquarters built in March 1977, in October 1985 by the Tangshan Power Plant rebuilt.

Fengnan Earthquake Monument, located in Huitong Road and Education Street intersection at the middle of the street park.Beizuo rectangle inscribed with: "Earthquake Monument" five characters, the above is a model of ancient celestial globe seismograph.

Hangu Earthquake Monument, located in the east coast Jiyunhe, riverside road.

Lutai Earthquake Monument, commercial road in the middle of Lutai, Ninghe opposite the stadium, located in the ark inside the park.">Tianjin Earthquake Monument, located in Tianjin, Hebei Road and Nanjing Road intersection, near Tianjin Friendship Hotel, Overseas Chinese Mansion.