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Afternoon Tea: 2011 hybrid cars the Japanese domestic market share reached 17.1%

Date: 2012-04-06

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2011 hybrid cars the Japanese domestic market share reached 17.1%

According to the Japanese automobile industry groups on the 5th released statistics show that in 2011 Japan's domestic auto sales, hybrid vehicles (HV) accounted for 17.1%, up by 4.8%.Consumer awareness of environmental protection and the implementation of last year's environmental restoration grants policy to make hybrid cars by the majority of consumers.

Sino-US trade frictions auto parts into a "hero"

Recently, 188 U.S. lawmakers urged President Barack Obama to combat Chinese "predatory" pricing measures, saying China is threatening the U.S. auto parts industry, a move that further exacerbate Sino-US trade friction.These members wrote a letter to Obama saying they want the government to use existing legal authority to retain and protect American industry and jobs.

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Lithium battery "disturbed" the way: Material face overcapacity

China's chemical industry in the emerging field - lithium battery materials industry, is facing investment boom, the application of cold situation: on the one hand, the critical cathode material for lithium acid compounds has been rapid development, production capacity has been ranked in the world; the other hand,material performance, quality, stability, cost, resource utilization, etc. facing more problems, to promote the use of lithium batteries creates a barrier.This is the reporter from 28 March 2012 held in Shanghai China cathode materials for lithium ยท Seminar on the information obtained.

Ministry officials explain key planning new energy vehicles

In the recently held in Beijing, the world's largest petroleum exhibition - "Twelfth China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition" gap, the Ministry of Development Planning Division Planning Division Yao Jun reporter's interview and said that the Ministry is responsible for formulating the55 "Twelve Five" industrial planning has been out more than 40 months, the other is not out of the plan will be gradually introduced.Among them, the concern for new energy vehicles in the revised plan is expected in the first half after release.

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Business and enterprises jointly seized counterfeit crackdown, more than 60 barrels of oil

Manufacturing and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods only disturbed the normal social economic order, impair the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, but also a serious violation of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

International oil prices bring Lube Distributor Opportunities

Recent international oil prices have been rising continuously in the near future, a new round of oil price increases in the large, some of the agents in the stocking time is always consulting, oil price hikes in the end to give them a chance to do so, or who risk


A total investment of 500 million yuan in East Asia Aluminum Alloy Wheel project was formally signed

March 8, 2012, East Asia Aluminum 10 million aluminum wheels project signing ceremony in Beijing Huaqiao Building, second floor conference hall, which marks the East Alcoa aluminum wheels 10 million project was officially settled asked the county.

Any areas of innovation and technology revolution Bridgestone airless tire (Photos)

Technological changes brought about by the internal configuration is not limited to automotive technology to enhance the sense of security, and even aspects of the vehicle are able to use them.Bridgestone recently on the Tokyo Motor Show unveiled a concept airless tire, so that technology into the tire manufacturing industry.