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The source, the roast duck

Date: 2016-11-01

Preferential topics:

The original fruit tree, precipitation in one hundred

The whole piece of the melted snow water of ten thousand to one hundred in xinjiang if qiang common jujube, emitting fragrance, rich in oxygen ions burning temperature and time, laid the source quality and taste of the roast duck

The original pickle, jujube flavour miles fragrance

Real xinjiang jujube meat marinated in duck embryo of the chest of the placement, roasting combined with common jujube aroma, agitate the origin of the roast duck with a generous gift of nature the soul of the thick jujube flavor.

The original taste, health and delicious in parallel

Source roast duck with low fat as the goal, for the guidelines, and make the roast duck, plentiful full color bright colourful bone through sweet, crisp and not greasy, with fruity feeling wonderful melt in your mouth.

Source for duck low fat marrow through sweet, crisp and not
Greasy, you will feel wonderful melting in your expressions using with fruity.

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