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Loss of "fixed point" high star hotels are forced to transition

Date: 2014-10-23

Office of the ministry of finance recently announced the "measures for the management of the central and state organs travel solutions concerning the issues, and for the first time in the file is clear, does not require business personnel must check-in" designated hotel ". Since 2015, the ministry of finance is no longer "designated hotel" bidding procurement organization on a business trip. The introduced the document again to all kinds love collection in a previous government designated reception hotel. In the industry point of view, since the point system, designed to regulate the meeting budget management, strengthening the construction of movement, but part of the hotel for a "golden signboard", at a very low "contract price" into the purchasing project. The "designated hotel" let go, for the hotel industry, is conducive to fair competition and healthy development.
Reporter investigation
Four, five-star hotel occupies half
As early as in November 2006, the ministry of finance is released in the central state organs on a business trip and meetings designated management method ", the provisions of the central national office working personnel on a business trip to fixed-point accommodation, the central state organs and directly affiliated institutions designated to handle. The documents issued, interpreted the industry was the beginning of the "designated hotel" system. Provisions of article 11 of this file, below the three-star hotel (including the three-star) and shows the conditions inside the hostel, etc, all can attend the bidding, or apply for qualification of "designated hotel". Four, five-star hotel, if the preferential price is not higher than the limit accommodation, also can take part in the tender, or to apply for qualification of "designated hotel".
However, Beijing commercial daily reporter in the survey found that although the file request "three-star hotel", but the form of four, five-star hotel is still quite active, even take half. Data show that as of August 2013, the national 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), there is a clear "designated hotel" a total of 4740 hotel information, remove 910 of unknown star-rated hotel, with 3830 total. Among them, 1746 three-star hotel, four-star hotel, 1438, 369 five-star hotels. Three-star below (and) accounted for only 52.82% of the proportion of the hotel, four or five-star hotel total is as high as 47.18%, almost half.
Under the price of the hard and fast rules limit, "" designated hotel profit space is not large, yet still be high-grade hotels are following the bestselling. Beijing commercial daily reporter in the survey found that part of the hotel at lower rates are into government procurement project bidding competition, some private-owned lands even as the market price of the 1 discount stores.
The relevant person in charge of a four-star "designated hotel" to the Beijing business newspaper reporter said, "for government procurement, private-owned lands have to down, sometimes cost are close not to come back". In addition, these people told reporters, "eight" policy in recent years, the real reception party and government organs on a business trip and meeting personnel each year less than 10% of the customers.
The phenomenon of tracking
"Designated hotel" is a double-edged sword
In a senior high star-rated hotel operators, upscale hotels chasing behind "designated hotel", is a recessive ads or will bring huge benefits. The person said, "' designated hotel in the consumers' mind, almost equal to another star standard, is the symbol of power and qualification".
Indeed, fixed, the state's customers in the hotel in the off-season when can effectively improve the occupancy rate and the related meeting, catering income. Relevant data shows, the revenue of China's hotel industry conference income account for around 23% to 25%, and meeting income in the quarter and from the local government and institutions of the conference, and duration of 1.8 days, which means to attend civil servants will at least one night accommodation and food consumption at least twice, these constitute the important source of income of the restaurant. In addition, the "fixed-point hotel" qualification for the individual and the group guest pull, more of a huge hidden interests.
But the relevant person in charge of a four-star "designated hotel" in an interview with the Beijing commercial daily reporter, said in the hotel busy season, is far lower than the cost of private-owned lands have left the hotel losses awkward predicament. Especially the geographical position is superior, or nearby scenic area of the hotel, is hard to find a room in the tourist season, negotiated rate as low as 1 fold is makes the hotel side quite helpless. Once it is reported that a five-star hotel is located in chang an avenue, near 3200 yuan of deluxe double bed room rates are 400 yuan; Shijingshan a new agreement between administrative standard five-star hotels were priced at 3666 yuan price 280 yuan...
At the end of September last year, the central three departments jointly issued the measures for the administration of the central and state organs ". The specified "two, three, four class meetings shall be under 4 (four) designated hotel held". This policy is a blow to a five-star hotel. Beijing commercial daily reporter found in the survey, China tourist hotel association, according to the list of the latest national five-star hotel in the year to August this year a total of 804 the number of five-star hotels in China. Last year, the number is 814. At this year's "star" 10 five-star hotel, at least half of the fixed-point reception hotel of the local government. "Designated hotel" system's purpose is to improve the system of official entertaining, practice strict economy against waste, but simple political wind environment in recent years, more than half of the active fixed-point reception hotel "star" is a thought.